What It Takes To Become a Successful Lawyer

Becoming an attorney is something that you must be dedicated to in order to truly become successful. Not only does it take quite a while to obtain a law degree (on average 7 years), but it takes quite a bit of money to obtain that degree.
There are many reasons that someone may decide to become an attorney. Those reasons range anywhere from somebody that likes to help other people in difficult circumstance, to people who are more interested in being able to make a lot of money.
In fact, a recent article by Michael Allen, titled The 5 Things You Must Do To Make Partner discusses the current trends in partnerships, as well as some tips to help you make partner. According to Allen “If, over the last fifteen years, you prognosticated that each subsequent year would be the most difficult year on record to make partner, you would be just about right.
Over the last decade and Lustrum, law firm leverage – the ratio between equity partners and all other attorneys – has increased every year, bar two. During this period, the number of equity partners has increased by a paltry 27 percent, while the number of “all other attorneys” has increased by nearly 86 percent. This has tilted leverage to a new high of 3.122 – up 47 percent from 2.13 in 2000.”
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The picture above is an illustration of the current trends in becoming a partner in a law firm.
It’s important to remember that just because you become a successful lawyer in a law firm, this success does not necessarily transfer over into your personal life. Being an attorney is a highly stressful occupation and demands long hours. Most attorneys are not able to spend a lot of time with their families. Some people are able to cope with this better than others.
Recently an article published in the Kapola Times a number of professions are listed, where the writer warns not to marry anyone in that profession! One of the professions listed in there is a lawyer. More specifically a female lawyer.
The writer says “When it comes to good wives, there are careers you should not consider marrying women from. There are shocking reasons why police women, TV news anchors, nurses, lawyers and politicians don’t make good wives.”
To read the entire story click here: Why You Should Not Marry These Women: Nurses, Police Women, Lawyers, TV Anchors & Politicians

I’d like to add another profession to that list of “do not marry.” That is the profession of bail agent. Being a bail bondsman requires you to work all hours of the day and night, and be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I am strictly speaking from the position of being a bail bondsman in St. Louis, Mo.
The perception of what it means to be a licensed surety agent is much different than the reality. It is like most other businesses. You have overhead, profit margins, good days and bad days. You also need to have, believe it or not- good customer service!
At Bob Block Bail Bonds we try and provide the best bail bonds St. Louis Mo has to offer. Value and customer service are what we focus on, and have ever since we opened our doors in 1959.
Now that my rant is over, let’s get back to discussing what it takes to be a good attorney. Being a good attorney, just like being good at most professions takes hard work in order to succeed. However, success should not come at the expense of your family. Money cannot buy your health, happiness, or more special times with your family.
When considering whether or not being an attorney is for you, you should take some time to learn the ups and downs of the profession from a seasoned veteran. Often times perception is much different from reality. Maybe working as a partner in a large law firm is not for you, but having your own individual private practice is.
Regardless of the choice you make, the most important thing is that you enjoy what you do each and every day. Once you find something you love to do, it will never seem like work again!
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Bob Block Bail Bonds Expands Bail Bond Services in St. Louis, Mo.

March 14, 2016 – Bob Block Bail Bonds, the oldest bondsman service in St. Louis, just issued a statement their bail bond services have been upgraded and expanded to further meet the needs of their clients. In a press statement, the company said this move is part of their campaign to reach out to more people in St. Louis. “The name Bob Block Bail Bonds is the one people trust when it comes to bail, and our service expansion is only going to further solidify our position as St. Louis’ premier bonding company,” says spokesperson Richard Lowe. “We know how important it is to be released from custody as quickly as possible, and that’s why we have simplified the process.”

Being accused of a crime and arrested is an unpleasant experience and a serious hindrance. It interferes with one’s daily lives and functions, hence the need for a reliable bail bond service. Bob Block Bail Bonds recognized the need for this years ago and continues to provide that service to this day. “Our bail bondsmen are professionals and have been trained to serve you as efficiently as possible. Unlike other bail bond companies we go the extra mile; even if you’ve got a bail hearing you’ll still be able to get in touch with our bail bondsman and provide all the necessary information.”

While the number of bail bond companies in St. Louis continues to increase, the quality of service varies. One of the more frequent complaints with some bail bond companies is they take too long to process the information, something Bob Block Bail Bonds is well aware of. “One of the reasons our service has managed to last this long is our commitment to providing fast service,” Lowe says. “Once our bail bondsman has reviewed the matter, the necessary paperwork will be quickly processed so you’ll be released in just a few hours.”

Mr. Lowe also spoke at length about the misconceptions that surround the bail bond industry, including cost. One of the more persistent issues is the payment cost, but Mr. Lowe says payment won’t be a problem with Bob Block Bail Bonds as their system is flexible and caters to different clients.  “Our payment system is flexible and the plans are based on the client’s financial capacity, and we offer competitive bond rates. We know being charged and being placed under arrest is stressful enough so we won’t burden them any further. We also don’t set collateral on majority of bail bonds, and since we provide bail by phone, you don’t need to visit our office just to post bail. This only goes to show how committed we are to serving our clients.”

About Bob Block Bail Bonds

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Police Reform and its Effect on the Criminal Justice System

Police reform is a hot topic and “buzzword” in today’s society. While many are calling for significant police reform, others feel the police are doing their job just fine and many of the issues involving police are “manufactured” to support one particular point of view. Regardless of how you feel, one state, the state of Maryland is moving forward with big changes in policing and sentencing.
Just a few days ago, the Maryland General Assembly created new procedures for police training and accountability. In the following article by Ovetta Wiggins, Josh Hicks, and Fenit Nirappil, which appeared in the Washington Post they explain the details.

“Police and Sentencing Reform Pass, Tax-Relief Fails in Annapolis
The Maryland General Assembly approved sweeping changes in criminal sentencing policies and adopted broad new police training and accountability procedures Monday, the final day of the state’s annual legislative session. Lawmakers hailed both bills as major reforms that would significantly alter how criminals are punished and how the public interacts with police.
“It’s a meaningful step,” Larry Stafford, executive director of Progressive Maryland, said of the police bill, which passed the House and then the Senate with about an hour left until the end of the annual legislative session. “There will have to be more steps in the future.” Advocates were disappointed that the bill does not give civilian review boards independent investigative powers. But Stafford said he was pleased with other areas of the bill, including an investment in community policing and tax credits for police officers who live in the communities where they work.”

Many people say the state of Missouri, and the St. Louis, Mo area in particular need this type of reform. To see how recent police reform has affected bail bonds go here: www.bobblockbailbonds.com. The full article can be seen by clicking on the original article title above.
These reforms come at a time when many still distrust the police and often times seem to make claims that are contrary to substantiated evidence. Within days of the passing of this reform, According to an article in the Chicago Tribune by Deanese Williams-Harris, Alexis Myers and Jeremy Gorner, 16 year old African American was shot and killed by Chicago Police, once again prompting protests. After leading police on a chase, according to the report, the 16 year old male exited the car and a foot pursuit began. Shortly thereafter a confrontation began and the suspect was shot and killed by police.
Some family members said they found it hard to believe the 16 year old was carrying a gun, while the basis of the initial car stop seemed to be that the vehicle matched the description of one connected to an earlier shooting. It is reported that over 100 people responded to the scene for a vigil that was partly sponsored by the Chicago Black Lives Matters Group.

“Family Says Boy, 16, Fatally Shot By Cop Had Scrapes With Law But No Major Trouble
Karen Winters knows how easily boys are drawn to a life of violence in the Homan Square neighborhood. But she still can’t understand how her 16-year-old nephew ended up shot to death after allegedly confronting a Chicago police officer with a gun Monday evening. “Once again, we’re looking at environment, this community. How some of these young boys are just plagued with certain influences,” Winters said Tuesday. “But not to this extent, by no means.” Police say the officer shot Pierre Loury after stopping a car suspected of being connected to an earlier shooting.”


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While some people protest the actions of police, there is no doubt that they are still out there doing what they are paid to do. Many times the police are faced with cases and circumstances that involve the unthinkable, such as the case involving a male subject accused of raping, torturing, and killing of a therapy dog. As reported by Q13 Fox reporter David Rose, a suspect has been charged in this case and bail has been set at $50,000.00.

“Bail Set at $50,000 For Suspect in Rape, Killing of Therapy Dog in Thurston County
A suspect in the rape and killing of a 3-year-old pit bull mix is being held in Thurston County jail on $50,000 bail. James Leroy Evans is accused of first-degree animal cruelty. Investigators say he told them he killed the dog named Diamond because it killed his iguana. Diamond worked as an emotional support service dog for an 8-year-old boy. She had been temporarily staying with Evans who was a relative of the owner. He offered to watch her while the owner found permanent housing that allowed dogs.”

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As you can see there are a lot of varying opinions surrounding the police and law enforcement in today’s society. Conversations about police practices, sentencing reform, bail bonds, and other law enforcement issues are everywhere. Whether you are pro police or anti police, police fill an important function in keeping citizens safe. Without the police you would have anarchy, and be living back in the days of the wild west.
Like in any job or profession there are always going to be some “bad apples.” Those individuals should be dealt with on an individual basis, and everyone in that profession should not be painted with a broad brush. Each circumstance that the police are involved in should be evaluated on a an individual basis.
It should be looked at based on evidence, and then letting the evidence speak for itself. Situations and evidence should not be influenced based upon how someone “feels,” or “believes” something to be.
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