Bob Block Bail Bonds Expands Bail Bond Services in St. Louis, Mo.

March 14, 2016 – Bob Block Bail Bonds, the oldest bondsman service in St. Louis, just issued a statement their bail bond services have been upgraded and expanded to further meet the needs of their clients. In a press statement, the company said this move is part of their campaign to reach out to more people in St. Louis. “The name Bob Block Bail Bonds is the one people trust when it comes to bail, and our service expansion is only going to further solidify our position as St. Louis’ premier bonding company,” says spokesperson Richard Lowe. “We know how important it is to be released from custody as quickly as possible, and that’s why we have simplified the process.”

Being accused of a crime and arrested is an unpleasant experience and a serious hindrance. It interferes with one’s daily lives and functions, hence the need for a reliable bail bond service. Bob Block Bail Bonds recognized the need for this years ago and continues to provide that service to this day. “Our bail bondsmen are professionals and have been trained to serve you as efficiently as possible. Unlike other bail bond companies we go the extra mile; even if you’ve got a bail hearing you’ll still be able to get in touch with our bail bondsman and provide all the necessary information.”

While the number of bail bond companies in St. Louis continues to increase, the quality of service varies. One of the more frequent complaints with some bail bond companies is they take too long to process the information, something Bob Block Bail Bonds is well aware of. “One of the reasons our service has managed to last this long is our commitment to providing fast service,” Lowe says. “Once our bail bondsman has reviewed the matter, the necessary paperwork will be quickly processed so you’ll be released in just a few hours.”

Mr. Lowe also spoke at length about the misconceptions that surround the bail bond industry, including cost. One of the more persistent issues is the payment cost, but Mr. Lowe says payment won’t be a problem with Bob Block Bail Bonds as their system is flexible and caters to different clients.  “Our payment system is flexible and the plans are based on the client’s financial capacity, and we offer competitive bond rates. We know being charged and being placed under arrest is stressful enough so we won’t burden them any further. We also don’t set collateral on majority of bail bonds, and since we provide bail by phone, you don’t need to visit our office just to post bail. This only goes to show how committed we are to serving our clients.”

About Bob Block Bail Bonds

Bob Block Bail Bonds is the oldest and leading bail bondsman in St. Louis today. Since the company was founded it has earned a solid reputation for reliability, low cost payments and no hassle service. For more information and details, please visit the official website at


Bob Block

Company Name: Bob Block Bail Bonds

Address:  36 Four Seasons Shopping Center #104

Chesterfield, MO 63017

Phone: (314) 720-1693



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